Family genealogies are posted to this page. I've been interested in family history since I was a teen. I remember sitting down with both sets of grandparents and gathering dates and names and charting out the family tree. Some of those hand-drawn family trees were framed and hung in my grandparents' homes until they died and now I have them back hanging on my wall.

Isley Family

Simeon Carpenter Family (recent)

Carpenter Family- since 1300

James Isley


James Isley Jr. b. 1806


Simeon Isley b. 1846


George A. Isley b. 1875


George A. Isley Jr b. 1910


George A. Isley III b. 1936


George IV (Skip) b. 1963




James Isley is listed as married to Grace Pryer on September 17, 1797 in St. James Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK. Also a William Isley is listed as married to Sarah Fisher on December 22, 1801.


======================FIRST GENERATION==================


James Isley and Elizabeth Vince, lived in England, immigrated to the United States with some of their children. The exact dates is unknown, but its clear from the dates of birth and location of their children that it was between 1829 and 1836.


James Jr. was born 6 April 1806 in Trowbridge, England. married June 10, 1825 in Trowbridge. Died May 10, 1881, buried May 13, 1881 in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, NJ. He was a carpenter.

Elizabeth Vince was born in 1808 in Trowbridge, Englnd. Died Jan 7, 1882, buried Jan 10, 1882 in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ.

Their children:

James Jr. b. 1825 in England

Edward b. 1829 in England

Henry b. 1829 in England

= = = = = Came to the USA = = = = =

Mathilda b. 1836 in N.J.

Selina b. 1840 in NJ

Gideon b. 1842 in NJ

Simeon b. 1846 in NJ (See below)

William Henry b. 1848 in NJ


=================SECOND GENERATION=======================


James Isley, Jr. b. September 18, 1825 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, and died on September 4, 1890 in LaMotte, Iowa. He was a carpenter. He was buried in East Hill Cemetery, LaMotte, Iowa.He was married to Mary Ann Sealey in 1847 in Jersey City, N.J., she was born in 1828 in England. She died in 1854 in Jersery City of tuberculosis.

Their children:

George Henry Isley

Mary Elizabeth Isley


James Jr. then married Alice L. Sealey on July 3, 1855 in LaMotte, Iowa. She was born on August 6, 1838 in jersey City, N.J. She died on July 12, 1925 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She was buried on July 13, 1925 in Greenwood Cemetery, Cedar Falls.

Their children:

Alice Selina Isley

Rosella C. Isley

John Elsworth Isley

Edward James Isley

James (or William?) Isley was born in 1872 in LaMotte, and died 1872 in LaMotte.

Gilbert Haven Isley

Milo Eugene Isley


Simeon Isley was born in 1846 in N.J. He died on August 7, 1902 in Bayonne, N.J. He was buried on August 10, 1902 in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ. He was a jeweler, and died of endocrditis.

He married Mary (or Sarah?)

Their children:


George Albert Isley (See below)



William Henry Isley was born in 1848 in Jersey City, N.J. He appeared on the census in 1880 at 693 Newark Ave, Jersey City. He died on April 18, 1892 in Jersey City, was buried on April 20, 1892 in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ. He was a carpenter, and served as a private in the Union Army during the Civil War from 1862-1864. He died of lupus.

He married Rose Fauth, daughter of John Fauth. She was born on December 19, 1858 in New York. She appeared on the census in 1880 at 693 Newark Ave, Jersey City. She died on April 30, 1947 in Pekskill, N.Y., She was sick for one year of glottis edema, due to metastasis in cervical glands, malignant tumor of the pancreas and uterus. She was buried on May 3, 1947 in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ. She resided at 615 Smith Street, Peekskill, N.Y.

Their children:

William James Isley

Jesse A. Isley was born in 1884, died April 1889, buried in Bay View/New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, NJ.


Henry Isley married ____________________?







Gideon Isley married___________________?






Edward Isley married__________________?







===================THIRD GENERATION=====================


George Albert Isley

b. 1875 in Jersey City, N.J., d. 1958 in Ocean Grove, N.J., employed as Accountant for: Jewel Tea Company, A&P Company, and Stagg, Mather &Hough Accounting Firm

married Sadie Frances Strow b. 1874 in Jersey City, N.J., d. 1959 in Wellesley, Mass.


Raymond Alfred Isley (4-1)

Milton (4-2)

George Albert Isley Jr- (See below)

Marian (4-4)

Dorothy (4-5)


Raymond Alfred , b. July 21, 1898 d. 1992

married Ethel May Thomson (div)


Robert Andrew Isley (5-1)

married Ruth E. Hoffman, November 10, 1934 in Audubon, NJ


===================FOURTH GENERATION=====================


George Albert Isley, Jr.

born February 10, 1910 in Dundee Lake, New Jersey

Education record: Garfield Elementary School, Sussex Avenue School, Newark Vocational School, Newark Technical School

employed by General Electric, Inc. May 1926 through August 1968 in Bloomfield, NJ, Schenectady, NY, Bloomington, IL

married June 23, 1934 in Montclair, New Jersey to Dorothy Lillian Curtin, born January 22, 1909 in Newark, New Jersey


George Albert Isley III (See below)

Carol Mae (see below)


===================FIFTH GENERATION=====================


Robert Andrew Isley, born July 16, 1921 in Newark, New Jersey

married October 7, 1944 to: Jean Elizabeth Rowan, born August 24, 1924 in Buffalo, New York


Alan Roy Isley (6-1)

Wayne Stewart Isley (6-2)

Martha Ann Isley (6-3)


Rev. George Albert Isley III, born February 13, 1936 in East Orange, N.J.

Education record: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School, Ballston Lake, NY 1954

Wheaton College (Ill.), B.A. 1958, Princeton Theological Seminary, B.D. 1961

Ordained as a United Presbyterian Minister, Bloomington Ill. 1961

Pastored First Presbyterian Church, Valatie New York, 1961–June 1976

Ordained member of Conservative Congregational Christian Conference 1976-2006

Elder/co-pastor of Christian Community Church, Kinderhook, New York, 1976 - 2006

Chaplain, Berkshire Farm Center, Canaan, NY 1982-2001

Married August 30, 1958 in Charlton, New York to Carol Jean Carpenter, born March 26, 1935 in Berwyn, Illinois, Education record: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School, 1953; Mildred Elley Secretarial School, Albany, NY, 1954; Houghton College (NY) 1956 - 1958


George (Skip) Albert Isley IV (6.4)

Geoffrey Allen Isley (6.5)

Colin Elizabeth Isley (6.6)

Merian Frances Isley (6.7)


Carol Mae Isley born January 19, 1940 in East Orange, New Jersey

Bloomington High School, Bloomington IL 1957; Wheaton College, B.S. 1961; Kansas University, M.S. 1975; Elementary teacher for Lawrence City Schools, 1961-2001

married July 22, 1961 to Daniel Franklin Abrahamson

born October 15, 1935 in Appleton, Minnesota, Education record: Illinois Wesleyan University, BSM 1959, Employed by Reuter Organ Company, Lawrence, Kansas


Emily Anne Abrahamson (6-8)

Heather Joy Abrahamson (6-9)

Jennifer Erin Abrahamson (6-10)

Erik Michael Abrahamson (6-11)


Alan Roy Isley, born October 6, 1945, in Nyack, New York

married June 22, 1968 to

Barbara Jean Thompson, born________?


Christopher James Isley (7-1)

Abigayle Rebecca Isley (7-2)


Wayne Stewart Isley

born July 9, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York

married October 9, 1970 to Robin Cheryl Reis, born ______?


Scot Sean Isley (7-3)

Jennifer Dawn Isley (7-4)


Martha Ann Isley, born September 10, 1954 in Summit, New Jersey

married June 4, 1978 to Robert Lombardo


===================SIXTH GENERATION=====================


(Skip) George Albert Isley IV

born April 12, 1963 in Hudson, New York

Education record:

Loudonville Christian School, Loudonville, NY

Pineview Christian Academy, Albany, NY

New School of Contemporary Radio, Albany, NY

Employed by Radio Stations in Maryland, Illinois, and New Mexico

married October 11, 1986 in Ocean City, Maryland to Margaret Jane Dawson (div)

married September 20, 1997 to Dana Sandra Goldstein born May 8,1970


Jacob Braden Isley b. 9/7/98

Dylan Chase Isley 7/22/2001


Geoffrey Allen Isley

born September 21, 1965 in Hudson, New York

Education record: Loudonville Christian School, Pineview Christian Academy, Messiah College, B.A. 1987, Grantham, PA

Employment: Messiah College as art director 1987-1995; Freelancing as Isley Design, 1995-present. Married October 15, 1988 in East Earl, Pennsylvania to Dawn Marie Weaver, born January 11, 1965. Education record: Locust Grove Mennonite School; Lancaster Mennonite High School, Messiah College, B.S. 1987

Employment: Penn View Christian School, 5th grade teacher, 1987-1988; Children's Family Center, 1988 -1990, Full-time Homemaker and Mother, 1990-1995, Director of Children's Ministries, the Grantham Church, 1995 - 1998; Early Learning Center, Messiah College; Little Breeches Family Day Care 2014-2021.


Perry Lewis Victor Isley (7-5) b. 8/4/90

Micah David Charles Isley (7-6) b. 9/16/92

James Christopher Allen Isley (7-7) b. 5/14/96


Colin Elizabeth Isley

born November 29, 1966 in Hudson, New York

Education record: Loudonville Christian School, Faith Christian Academy, Troy Beauty School

married May 26, 1986 in Stottville, New York to Timothy John Oravec, born April 10, 1959 in Hudson NY. Education record: Valley Forge Bible College


Julie Anna Oravec (7-8) Aug 1, 1987

Vanessa Louise Oravec (7-9) Feb 20, 1990

Theodore John Oravec (7-10) July 4, 1991

William Arthur (7-11) July 1, 1993

Jonathan Lewis Oravec (7-12) b. March 16, 1995

Charlotte Elizabeth (7-13) May 27, 1997

Samuel Martin Oravec May 22, 1999

Anna Marie-Jean Oravec b. Oct. 13, 2001

Shawn Asher Oravec b. October 12, 2003

Timothy George Oravec b. December 16, 2005

Emmet Geoffrey Oravec b. Nov 7, 2007


Merian Frances Isley

born August 4, 1968 in Hudson, New York

Education record: Loudonville Christian School, Faith Christian Academy; Messiah College, 1986-1988, married February 18, 1989 in Castleton-on-Hudson, New York o William R. Coler, born January 21, 1968


Jeremy William Coler (7-14) July 10 ,1989

Rachel Ann Coler (7-15) June 1, 1995

Morgan Frances (7-20) Feb 6, 1998


Emily Anne Abrahamson

born September 12, 1962, in Lawrence, Kansas

married July 31, 1981 in Lawrence, to Richard Dean Cates, born January 7, 1960

Education record: University of Kansas, B.S. 1980


Richard Bradley Cates (7-16) b. July 13, 1984

Christopher Daniel Cates (7-17) b. July 5, 1987


Heather Joy Abrahamson

born August 3, 1965 in Lawrence, Kansas

Education record: Washburn University, A.S. 1987, married March 31, 1987 in Lawrence, Kansas to Kevin Lee Williams, born February 18, 1966 in Topeka, Kansas


Brandon Lee Williams (7-18) b. September 7, 1987

Brittany Michelle b. May 15, 1991 (7-19)


Jennifer Erin Abrahamson

born November 22, 1968 in Lawrence, Kansas

education record:University of Kansas, B.S. 1991

Married July 13, 1996 to Francis (Frank) Charles Towle, b. May 22, 1967


Amarais Raine b. January 19, 1998

Dolci Pavanne b. November 23,1999


Erik Mikel Abrahamson

born October 7, 1969, in Lawrence, Kansas

Married September 16, 1995 to Shannon Denise Antisdel, b. February 13, 1970


Kyle Robert Abrahamson, b. October 25, 1999


===================SEVENTH GENERATION=====================


Perry Lewis Victor Isley

b. Aug. 4, 1990 in Harrisburg, PA

Education: Mechanicsburg Schools, Messiah College,

Married Sept. 2014 to Magdalena Jeffrey (divorced)

Their son:

 Wallace Donald Reuel Isley b. July 9, 2015

Married Nov. 11, 2018 to Kaytee Moyer

Their children:

 Theodore James Raymond Isley b. Jan. 29, 2019

 Francine Lois Rose Isley b. October 25, 2020


Micah David Charles Isley

b. Sept 16, 1992 in Harrisburg PA

Education: Mechanicsburg Schools, Eastern University

Married Betsy Grace Arnesen, b. 12/11/1992 in Princeton, NJ. Educated at Eastern Univ. St. Davids, PA

Their children:

 Freya Edith Isley b. June 9, 2016

 Phares Dane Isley b. October 22, 2020


James Christopher Allen Isley

b. May 14, 1996 in Harrisburg, PA


The Family of Simeon Carpenter

The descendants of Simeon Carpenter and his wife Emeline A. Scribner. I have tried to include every descendant possible, but there are some gaps, and this research stopped being gathered in 1990. Updates are glady received by email at


1-1 Simeon Carpenter born October 5, 1831, died November 18, 1923 in Patten Maine, who married Emaline A. Scribner, born October 9, 1841, died July 9, 1872, who also then married Rachel McGary (born Nov. 14, 1872)

The children of Simeon and Emaline :

1. Ira Daniel Carpenter

2. Amy Carpenter

3. Mina Carpenter

4. Charles Arthur Carpenter (see below)


2nd generation

2-1 Ira Daniel Carpenter was born on December 14, 1868, died on July 2, 1924, was married to Ella Ruth, born February 16, 1864, died on March 26, 1925

Their children:

Annie Carpenter (3-1)

2-2 Amy Carpenter was married to Charles Darling

2-3 Mina Carpenter was married to Lewis Jacques


2-4 Charles Arthur Carpenter, born January 25, 1863 in Patten, Maine, he married Delia Hope Bubar, born July 3, 1870, died September 26, 1926

Their children:

Ella Vallie Carpenter (3-2)

Amy Mabel Carpenter (3-3)

Frances Willard Carpenter (3-4)

Fred Hammond Carpenter (3-5)

Roland Joy Carpenter (3-6)

Lewis Jacques Carpenter (3-7) (See below)

Paul Nathaniel Carpenter (3-8)


3rd generation

(3-1) Annie Carpenter, born October 8, 1892, died on December 23, 1960, was married to Manson Brown, born 1892

Their child:

Ruth Brown (4-1)


(3-2) Ella Vallie Carpenter, born October 27, 1890, died October 10, 1981, was married on April 20, 1910 to Frank Hamilton, born February 23, 1883, died August 24, 1971

Their children:

Emeline Annette Hamilton (4-2)

Marjorie Louise Hamilton (4-3)

Frances Willard Hamilton (4-4)

Joan Vallie Hamilton (4-5)

Betty Dean Hamilton (4-6)

Luna Delia Hamilton (4-7)

Mary Ella Hamilton (4-8)

Linda Ann Hamilton (4-9)

Amy Jane Hamilton (4-10)


(3-3) Amy Carpenter, born September 11, 1892, died July 23, 1989, was married on June 24, 1915 to Ora Ellsworth Gilpatrick,born September 28, 1891, died November, 1957 in Patten, Maine (parents: Elmer Gilpatrick & Sarah Logue)

Their children:

Arlo Gilpatrick (4-11)

Eugene Gilpatrick (4-12)

Charles Gilpatrick (4-13)


(3-4) Frances Willard Carpenter, born May 28, 1895, died October 17, 1983 was married on June 27, 1960 to Dr. Loren Frank Carter, born January 3, 1892, died January 25, 1962

(3-5) Fred Hammond Carpenter, born September 28, 1896, died August 26, 1959, was married on October 7, 1920 to Myrtle Phillipa Joscelyn, born January 10, 1897 in St. Peter, Minnesota

Adopted Joscelyn Ann Carpenter

(3-6) Roland Joy Carpenter, born February 13, 1899, died January 1989, was married on June 12, 1924 to Izetta Elizabeth Lidstone born July 19, 1901, died June 12, 1986

Their children:

Charles Lidstone Carpenter (4-15)

Jean Frances Carpenter (4-16)

Robert Jack Carpenter (4-17)


(3-7)  Lewis Jacques Carpenter, born April 5, 1905, died March 28, 1987, was married on August 2, 1934 to, Charlotte Louise Augustinus, born December 30, 1912, died Feb. 14, 1999.

Their children:

Carol Jean Carpenter (4-18) (See Below)

Jaculyn Carpenter (4-19)

Lewis Jacques Carpenter, Jr. (4-20)

Paul Augustinus Carpenter (4-21)

Roland Bruce Carpenter (4-22)


(3-8) Paul Nathaniel Carpenter, born June 9, 1910, died 2001. Married on March 27, 1937 to, Elaine Emaline Shaw, born June 8, 1913 (parents Troy Shaw and Lula Smith)

Elaine (Shaw) Carpenter, 100, died Sept. 30, 2013 at Dirigo Pines Retirement Community in Orono. She was born June 8, 1913 in Mars Hill, the daughter of Lula and Troy Shaw.


Elaine lived in Mars Hill throughout her school years and graduated from Aroostook Central Institute. She learned to play piano at a young age and was often asked to play for local events. She played for the silent films in the local theater, being paid in roll of movie tickets. Music was very important throughout her life. Elaine met her husband Paul in a school operetta at ACI, and they were married in 1937. They lived in Skowhegan and Bridgewater before settling in Orono, where they lived for most of their 64 years together. She happily supported his involvement in the Barbershoppers, was a church pianist at Orono Methodist, and always enjoyed attending concerts. She worked was 30 years at the University of Maine Library, retiring in 1979 as Head Reference Librarian, and was an avid reader. Elaine was the first resident of Dirigo Pines, continuing an active life there, where she greatly enjoyed the company of many dear old and new friends. She was recently presented the Boston Cane Award in recognition of being Orono's oldest citizen.


4th generation

(4-1) Ruth Brown, married to Floyd Hewitt

Their children:

Kathy Hewitt (5-1)

Susan Hewitt (5-2)

Matthew Hewitt (5-3)


(4-2) Emeline Annette Hamilton, born June 11, 1911, was married to Thomas Morse

Their children:

Maureen Morse (5-4)

Peter Morse (5-5)

Ann Morse (5-6)

Theresa Morse (5-7)

Timothy Morse (5-8)


(4-3) Marjorie Louise Hamilton, born March 1, 1913, was married to Murray Shaw

Their children:

Bruce Shaw (5-9)

Peggy Shaw (5-10)


(4-4) Frances Willard Hamilton, born June 5, 1915, employed as a Grade School Teacher, Mars Hill, Maine, was married to James Alden Bishop, born July 3, 1914 in Presque Isle, Maine

Educated at Bowdoin College, Columbia Law School, employed as a Lawyer, Supreme Court Judge

Their children:

Frank Hamilton Bishop (5-11)

James Alden Bishop, Jr. (5-12)

Elizabeth Joan Bishop (5-13)


(4-5) Joan Vallie Hamilton, born June 2, 1917, was married to Harold K. Wells

Their children:

Kathy Wells (5-14)

Daniel Wells (5-15)

David Wells (5-16)


(4-6) Betty Dean Hamilton, born February 21, 1919 in Mars Hill, Maine, educated at Aroostook Central Institute, was married November 26, 1944 in Mars Hill to Lloyd Lytle born July 13, 1918 in Framingham, Maine

Their children:

Robert Stephen Lytle (5-17)

Marion Lee Lytle (5-18)

Bonnie Ella Lytle (5-19)

Debra Ann Lytle (5-20)


(4-7) Luna Delia Hamilton, born February 21, 1921 in Mars Hill, Maine, educated at Aroostook Central Institute and one year at Presque Isle Normal School, was married to Leo Kiley, born May 22, 1918 in Boston, Massachussetts, educated at M.I.T.,B.S. 1939, PhD at Ohio State U. 1952, received Hon. LLD-NMSU 1967, served 30 years with USAF, Brig. General, employed as, Manager with Neutron Devices Dept, G.E. 10 years, Vice pres. Los Alamos Tech-Assoc.Inc. 12 years

Their children:

Michael John Kiley (5-21)

Karen Lee Kiley (5-22)

Thomas Leo Kiley (5-23)


(4-8) Mary Ella Hamilton, born January 26, 1926 in Mars Hill, Maine, was married to Morris Cumming

Their children:

Daniel Cumming (5-24)

Carol Cumming (5-25)

Carloyn Cumming (5-26)

Brian Cumming (5-27)

Patricia Cumming (5-28)

Naomi Cumming (5-29)

Gregory Cumming (5-30)


(4-9) Linda Ann Hamilton, born April 9, 1932 in Mars Hill, Maine, educated at Northern Maine Technical College as a Dietary Aide, was married on June 28, 1950 in Mars Hill to, Norris Victor Boyd, born September 28, 1931 in Mars Hill, employed as an agent for at Christian Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Their children:

Rebecca Jane Boyd (5-31)

Norris Joel Boyd (5-32)

Christine Elle Boyd (5-33)

Frederick Wallace Boyd (5-34)


(4-10) Amy Jane Hamilton, born March 30, 1934

Susan Lea Gilpatrick, born October 7, 1945 in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Died, January 1993. Education: Masters in Education, University of Maine, was married on July 1968 in Carney's Point, N.J., to Ronald Sands born, Educated at University of Hartford, employed as Head of Art Department at Bangor High, School, Bangor, Maine

Their child:

Kerri Colleen Sands (5-35)


(4-11) Arlo Gilpatrick, born September 28, 1916, was married on April 27, 1948 to, Anne Hornyack

Their children:

Scott Elliot Gilpatrick (5-36)


(4-12) Eugene Gilpatrick


(4-13) Charles Elmer Giplatrick, born November 5, 1919 in Patten, Maine, educated at Boston University (M.D.), employed as a Physician and Surgeon, was married on May 3, 1943 in Aldenson, West Virginia, to Eleanor Elizabeth Williams, born June 11, 1923 in, Ft. Springs, West Virginia, educated at Maryville College in Tennessee, B.A.

Their children:

Pamela Jean Gilpatrick (5-37)

Mary Ann Gilpatrick (5-38)

Martha Williams Gilpatrick, M.D. (5-39)

Charles Roger Gilpatrick


(4-14) Elmer Gilpatrick


(4-15) Charles Lidstone Carpenter, born May 14, 1925 in Presque Isle, Maine, educated at University of Maine (B.S.M.E.), was employed as Reg. Manger with Ingersoll Rand Inc., married in Pasadena, CA on February 26, 1949 to, Elizabeth Louise Hayes, born February 24, 1927 in New London, Connecticut, educated at the University of Maine, and the New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing, employed at the State Hospital, Pontiac, Michigan as Room Supervison Nurse, and Redford Hospital, Detroit.

Their children:

Charles David Carpenter (5-40)

Joan Frances Carpenter (5-41)


(4-16) Jean Frances Carpenter, born October 23, 1927 in Mars Hill, Maine, was married on November 9, 1951 to Ralph Henshaw Keller, Jr., born July 17, 1922 in Boston, Massachussetts

Their children

Ralph Henshaw Keller, III (5-42)

Patricia Elizabeth Keller (5-43)


(4-17) Robert Jack Carpenter, born March 22, 1930 in Blaine, Maine, was married on February 7, 1953 to, Elsa Buschner

Their children

Kathy Ann Carpenter (5-44)

James Andrew Carpenter (5-45)

Susan Elaine Carpenter (5-46)


(4-18) Carol Jean Carpenter, born March 26, 1935 in Berwyn, Illinois, education: Houghton College, was married on August 30, 1958 to, Rev. George Albert Isley, III, who was born February 13, 1936 in East Orange, New Jersey, education: Wheaton College 1958, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1961, ordained: United Presbyterian 1961

Their children:

George (Skip) Albert Isley, IV (5-47)

Geoffrey Allen Isley (5-48)

Colin Elizabeth Isley (5-49)

Merian Frances Isley (5-50)


(4-19) Jaculyn Carpenter, born June 1, 1936, in Berwyn, Illinois, education: Houghton College 1958, was married in Ballston Lake, NY on March 10, 1962 to, Peter Vaughan Parry, M.D., born February 28, 1937, education: Jefferson Medical School

Their children:

David Vaughn Parry (5-51)

Jonathan Carpenter Parry (5-52)

Elizabeth Anne Parry (5-53)

Mark Lewis Parry (5-54)


(4-20) Lewis Jacques Carpenter, Jr., born July 30, 1937 in Berwyn, Illinois, died May 16, 1975 in Cutchogue, Long Island, NY, was married on June 24, 1972 to, Elizabeth Anne Bogan, born April 27, 1943 in Rockville Center, NY


(4-21) Paul Augustinus Carpenter, born March 16, 1943 in Ancon, Panama Canal Zone, was married to Karen Mabry

Their children:

Gabriel Augustinus Carpenter (5-55)

Clare Alexandra Carpenter (5-56)



Roland Bruce Carpenter, born December 5, 1951 in Ballston Spa, NY, was married to Michele Towsley,

Their children:

Melinda (adopted, Carpenter)

Paul Jacques (Jakey) Carpenter (5-57)


5th generation

(5-1) Kathy Hewitt

(5-2) Susan Hewitt

(5-3) Matthew Hewitt


(5-4) Maureen Morse, born August 5, 1942, was married to William O'Neil

Their children:

Christopher O'Neil (6-1)

Craig O'Neil (6-2)

Carine Anne O'Neil (6-3)


(5-5) Peter Thomas Morse, born March 28, 1946, was married to Diana

Their child

Paul Morse (6-4)


(5-6) Ann E. Morse, born August 20, 1947


(5-7) Theresa Ella Morse, born July 2, 1949, was married on June 24, 1951 to Married June 24, 1972-in Glastonbury Ct-St. Paul’s Catholic Church to Henry (Hank) Maurice Connor, born August 12, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee

Their children:

Kimberly Gene Connor (6-5) : Born June 17, 1973, in Hartford CT

John Patrick Connor (6-6) : Born April 21, 1975 in Nashville, Tennessee

Daniel Hamilton-Smyth Connor: born September 9, 1976 in Nashville, Tennessee

Married to Sharon Elizabeth Hurley , October 6, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee at The Cathedral of the Incarnation Catholic Church

Their Children:

1. Anna Elizabeth Hurley Connor, born July 25, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia

2. Eileen Ella Hurley Connor,  born February 10, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia


(5-8) Timothy Morse, born August 21, 1951, was married to Susan


(5-9) Bruce Hamilton Shaw, born November 5, 1936 in Mt. Kisco, New York, employed with the Civil Service

Their children

Jeffrey Shaw (6-7)

Heidi Shaw (6-8)


(5-10) Peggy Ann Shaw, born January 24, 1941 was married to Leon Millikin

Their children

Jo-Elle Millikin (6-9) born 8/17/68


(5-11) Frank Hamilton Bishop, born October 19, 1944 in Presque Isle, Maine, educated at University of Maine, & U.of M. Law School, employed as a Lawyer in Presque Isle, was married in June 13, 1970 to Barbara Hussey McBride, born April 25, 1948 in Presque Isle, employed as a Special education teacher in Presque Isle

Their children

Frank Hamilton Bishop, Jr. (6-10) 4/3/75

Bradford Harrison Bishop (6-11) 1/10/77

Marigan Frances Bishop (6-12) 10/24/83

Joseph Alden Bishop (6-13) 10/7/86


(5-12) James Alden Bishop, Jr., born October 19, 1944 (twin brother Frank), educated at Bowdoin College, was married June 15, 1968 in Caribou, Maine to, Margaret Jane (Peggy) Cyr, born July 21, 1942 in Madawaska, Maine, employed as a Home Economics Teacher

Their children

James Alden Bishop, III (6-14) 4/5/71

Michelle Jane Bishop (6-15) 12/19/73


(5-13) Elizabeth Joan Bishop, born April 25, 1949 in Presque Isle, Maine, was married in Presque Isle on November 22, 1969, to Peter Nixon Hazlett born March 4, 1943

Their children

Nicole Joan Hazlett (6-16) 6/2/79

Peter Nixon Hazlett, Jr. (6-17) 7/8/89


(5-14) Cathryn Wells, born June 4, 1950 in New York City, educated at SUNY in Sociology, employed as a Title searcher, was married on June 17, 1972 in Woodstock, New York to, Stephen David Turk, born March 15, 1949 in Ellenville, New York, served in the U.S. Marine Corps in Viet Nam

Their children

Jason Daniel Turk (6-18) 1/16/76 to 12/27/86

Ryan David Turk (6-19) 9/14/78 to 12/27/86

Cathryn remarried on December 10, 1988 in Kingston NY, to Rev. Robert Leslie Gram, born March 6, 1948 in Spring Valley, New York, education: M.A., ThM., working on D.Min., Ministering with Fair Street Reformed Church, Kingston


(5-15) Daniel Karlsaat Wells, born February 17, 1952 in New York City, educated at SUNY at New Paltz, B.S., M.M. at St. Rose, employed as a musician, was married on June 15, 1983 in Annapolis, Maryland to, Deborah Moore born February 8, 1948 in NYC, educated at Bard College, in music, employed as a musician

Their children

Shannon Elizabeth Wells (6-20)


(5-16)David Hamilton Wells, born October 18, 1955 in New York City, educated in the U.S. Army, employed as a Police Officer, was married on November 13, 1976 in Shokan, NY to Patricia A. Gray, born May 24, 1958 in Kingston, New York

Their children

Jennifer Wells (6-21)

Emily Wells (6-22)


(5-17)Robert Stephen Lytle, born September 12, 1945 in Framingham, Massachussetts, served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force 1964-1968, employed by D.G. O'Brien Co. in Seabrook, NH


(5-18) Marian Lee Lytle, born May 18, 1947, in Framingham, Massachussetts, educated at Framingham State College, 2 years and, Notre Dame College 3 years, Manchester, NH, was married on June 8, 1968 in Sudbury, Mass. to Vincent Marcellino born December 14, 1968 in Concord, New Hampshire

Their children:

Nicolas Salvatore Marcellino, Jr. (6-23) 12/26/68

Kim Margaret Marcellino (6-24) 4/22/73

Mark Anthony Marcellino (6-25) 5/20/75

Marian remarried on September 22, 1984, to Willard Richard, born March 9, 1946 in Framingham

Their children:

Robert Richard (6-26) 12/21/1984

Willard Lesley Richard (6-27) 11/17/85


(5-19)Bonnie Ella Lytle born July 9, 1950, in Framingham, Massachussetts, employed as Teacher's Aide at Framingham South High, was married on March 10, 1973 in Framingham, Mass to Glenn Van Brunt born February 19, 1940 in Nelson, WI, employed as Computer Program Analyst

Their children:

Emily Dean Van Brunt (6-28) 6/4/75

Penny Ella Van Brunt (6-29) 12/22/78


(5-20)Debra Ann Lytle, born November 16, 1954 in Framingham, MA, employed with Sears, Roebuck & Co.


(5-21) Michael John Kiley, born January 18, 1945 in manchester, New Hampshire, educated at New Mexico State University, B.S. in, Business Administration, served as a Major in USAF, Reserve, and Director of Security , Nevada Operations, U.S. Department of Energy

was married on December 22, 1968 to Diana Lynn Scott, bornMarch 1, 1947 in Clovis, N.M.

Their children:

Patrick Michael Kiley

Damon Thomas Kiley

Michael was divorced in May 1983, and remarried on March 8, 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada to Jennifer Lanning


(5-22) Karen Lee Kiley, born July 3, 1946 in Holyoke, Mass., educated at N.M.S.U., B.S. in Education, was married in Washington, D.C. to Kenneth Warren Hardy, born March 6, 1939 in, East Orange, New Jersey

Their children:

Stephen Jeffrey Hardy (6-30)

Christine Eleanor Hardy (6-31)


(5-23) Thomas Leo Kiley, born May 12, 1954 in Bedford, Mass., died October 22, 1971 (age 17) in waterskiing accident


(5-24) Daniel Cumming

(5-25) Carol Cumming

(5-26) Carolyn Cumming, born December 24, 1945 in Easton, Maine

Her children:

Shelby (6-32)

Michael (6-33)

Scott (6-34)


(5-27) Brian Cumming

(5-28) Patricia Cumming, born December 14, 1953, Presque Isle, Maine

(5-29) Naomi Cumming

(5-30) Gregory Cumming


(5-31) Rebecca Jane Boyd, born January 30, 1951 in Presque Isle, Maine, employed as a Registered Nurse in a Dialysis Unit, was married on March 16, 1968 in Mars Hill to, Galen Wilson McCrum born July 10, 1949 in Mars Hill, employed with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals as National Sales Manager for the Hospital Division

Their children

Galen Todd McCrum (6-35)

Leslie Rae McCrum (6-36)

Ryan Boyd McCrum (6-37)


(5-32) Norris Joel Boyd, born September 28, 1931 in Presque Isle, Maine, employed as an oil burnier technician for Dear River Co., was married on June 28, 1982 in Mars Hill to Lucy Ann Dyer born January 29, 1964 in Mars Hill, employed as a certified Nurse's Aide

Their children

Brandon Lewellyn Dyer Boyd (6-38)

Alisha Jacqueline Boyd (6-39)


(5-33) Christine Ella Boyd, born November 2, 1956 in Presque Isle, Maine, employed as a Business Education Teacher, was married on February 13, 1982 in Mars Hill to "Sonny" Orville Ashby Patterson, Jr. born August 12, 1957 in Ft.Fairfield, Maine, owner/president of Kleen-Rite Janitorial Inc.

Their children

Aimee Linda Patterson (6-40)

Another ??? (6-41)


(5-34) Frederick Wallace Boyd, born October 10, 1952 in Presque Isle, Maine, employed as a Teacher in Mars Hill, was married on August 15, 1975 in Mars Hill to Ethelyn Jean McCrum born July 10, 1950 in Mars Hill, educated at the University of Maine, employed as executive secretary

Their children

Jennifer Lynn Boyd (6-42)

Aaron Vaughn Boyd (6-43)


(5-35) Susan Lea Gilpatrick


(5-36) Scott Elliot Gilpatrick, born May 21, 1956 in Cambridge, Massachussetts, self-employed Building Contractor in Colorado Springs, was married on January 30, 1982 in Los Altos, Cal. to Diana Kaye Griffin, born February 22, 1961, educated in computer Sciences at DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA, employed by USAF, Castle Air Force Base in Merced, CA

Their children:

Heather Nicole Gilpatrick (6-44)

Charles Roger Gilpatrick, born February 28, 1952. married to Kendra Lurie (divorced)

Their four children are:






(5-37) Pamela Jean Gilpatrick, born February 16, 1947 in Bangor, Maine, educated in Math at Rutgers, B.S.N. at University of Delaware, was married on July 15, 1972 in Carney's Point, NJ to, David Atkins,

Their children:

Timothy Gilpatrick 8/10/85 (6-45)


(5-38) Mary Ann Gilpatrick, born September 20, 1948 in Wilmington, Delaware, educated at Lebanon Valley College, Masters of Library Science., employed as Librarian in Walla Walla, Washington


(5-39) Martha Williams Gilpatrick, M.D., born March 13, 1952, in Salem, New York, educated at University of Delaware, B.S. in Biology, M.D. at Boston University School of Medicine, was married on May 26, 1980 in carney's Point, NY to F. Russell Wolf, M.D.

Their children:

Jennifer Williams Wolf (6-46)

Julie Frances Wolf (6-47)

Mary Elizabeth Wolf (6-48)


(5-40) Charles David Carpenter, born October 17, 1956 in Highland Park, Michigan, served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, education record, B.S. Engineering at the University of Maine 1983 ;, M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering with U.of Mass at Amherst 1990., employed as Consulting Engineer in the Quality Practice of Coopers and Lybrand, was married to Jennifer Sapiel (divorced)


(5-41) Joan Frances Carpenter, born January 28, 1953 in Long Beach, California, educated at Middlebury College, B.A. in Art History, 1975, M.A. & PhD. in Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts, NY, employed as a freelance Art Historian, curator at the Gilcrease, Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma, was remarried on April 29, 1983 in Mendham, N.J., to Robert Carmen Troccoli, born November 15, 1949 in West Orange, New Jersey, educated at Seton Hall University, M.B.A., employed as a partner with Peat Marwick & Main, Inc. in Oklahoma City


(5-42) Ralph Henshaw Keller, III


(5-43) Patricia Elizabeth Keller


(5-44) Kathy Ann Carpenter, born December 25, 1957 in Teaneck, New Jersey, educated at Nazareth College, B.A. 1980, married February 7, 1981 to Richard Dennis Rommer, born March 12, 1949 in Burlington, Vermont, self-employed as grower and shipper of health foods, now Divorced

Their children


Elizabeth Joy Rommer (6-49) born on December 16, 1982 in Rochester, New York, educated at Gordon College, B.A. 2005, in social work, married August 11, 2006 to Philip Michael Cook, born April 27, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas, educated at Gordon College, B.A. 2004, in history, employed as social studies teacher at Gloucester High School.

Hannah Rose Rommer (6-50) 6/13/86


(5-45) James Andrew Carpenter, born January 24, 1959 in Teaneck, New Jersey, educated at Ithaca College, B.A. 1981, in music, University of Wisconsin, M.A. 1983, in music, employed at Mount Holyoke College as Assistant professor of Music, was married on June 1, 1985 to Lucinda Thayer, born March 3, in Northhampton, Mass., educated at University of Mass. B.M. and at Indiana University, PhD, employed as Choral Music Conductor, Instructor, Assistant Professor of Music at Smith College, 1988


(5-46) Susan Elaine Carpenter, born March 19, 1961 in Union, New York, educated at Middlebury College, B.A. 1983, was married on June 25, 1983 to Gregory Graham Vigne, born May 27, 1962 in Albany, New York, educated at University of Vermont, B.A. 1984, employed with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Their children:

Catherine Elizabeth Vigne (6-51) 10/4/85

Emily Anne Vigne (6-52) 6/27/88


(5-47) George (Skip) Albert Isley, IV, born April 12, 1963 in Hudson, New York, education: New School of Contemporary Radio, Albany, NY, 1982, employed as radio station daytime personality in Albuquerque, N.M., was married on October 11, 1986 in Ocean City, MD to Margaret Jane Dawson, divorced. Remarried September 20, 1997 to Dana Sandra Goldstein, born May 8, 1970, divorced, and married to Jennifer Jill Bowen.

Their children:

Jacob Braden Isley b. September 7, 1998

Dylan Chase Isley b. July 22, 2001


(5-48) Geoffrey Allen Isley, born September 21, 1965 in Hudson, New York, education: Messiah College, B.A. 1987, in Fine Arts, employment: Messiah College as Art Director, was married on October 15, 1988 in East Earl, PA to, Dawn Marie Weaver born January 11, 1965 in Lancaster, PA, education: Messiah College, B.A. 1987, in El. Ed., Dawn's employment: Children's Family (child care) Center 1988-1990, Director of Children's Ministries, Grantham Church; Early Learning Center, Messiah College, Little Breeches Family Day Care.

Their children:

Perry Lewis Victor Isley (6-53) 8/4/90

Micah david Charles Isley b. 9/16/92

James Christopher Allen Isley b. 5/14/96


(5-49) Colin Elizabeth Isley, born November 29, 1966 in Hudson, New York, education: Troy Beauty School, cert. cosmetologist 1985, was married on May 26, 1986 in Stottville, NY to, Timothy John Oravec, born April 10, 1959 in Hudson, New York, education: Valley Forge Bible College, Occupation: Gov't HUD officer

Their children:

Julie Anna Oravec (6-54) born

Vanessa Louise Oravec (6-55) born 2/20/90

Theodore John Oravec born July 4, 1990

William Arthur Oravec born July 1, 1993

Jonathan Lewis Oravec born March 16, 1995

Charlotte Oravec born May 27, 1997

Samuel Martin Oravec born May 22, 1999

Anna Marie-Jean Oravec born October 13, 2001

Shawn Asher Oravec born October 12, 2003


(5-50) Merian Frances Isley, born August 4, 1968 in Hudson, New York, education: Messiah College, was married on February 18, 1989 in Castleton, NY to William R. Coler, born January 21, 1968

Their children:

Jeremy William Coler (6-56) July 10, 1989

Rachel Ann Coler born June 1, 1995

Morgan Frances Coler born Feb 6, 1998


(5-51) David Vaughan Parry, born August 5, 1963 in Philadelphia, PA, education: The King's College (1year) cert. Plumber 1988, was married on December 27, 1986 in St, Davids, PA to Jennifer Magee Scott, daughter of John G. Magee Jr. and Jeanne Meredith Scott, born August 16, 1963 in Wichita Falls, Texas, education: Calvin College, Widener College, A.B. 1984

Their children:

David (Max) Vaughan Parry, Jr. (6-57) 5/6/88

Samuel Grant Parry b. 7-6-1991

Luke Breckenridge Parry b. 7-6-94

Olivia Meredith Parry b. 8-27-1998


(5-52) Jonathan Carpenter Parry, born May 4, 1965 in Philadelphia, PA, education: Towson State College, MD B.S. 1989, employment: salesman for SePro Healthcare, Inc. Married to Mikie ?


(5-53) Elizabeth Anne Parry, born November 23, 1967 in Philadelphia, PA, education: Delaware County Community College,

Her child with Edward John Swager III, (born April 28, 1967 in Philadelphia, PA)

Edward (E.J.) John Parry (6-58) born 6/9/86


(5-54) Mark Lewis Parry, born September 13, 1970 in Philadelphia, PA


(5-55) Gabriel Augustinus Carpenter, born February 14, 1969 in Burns, Oregon


(5-56) Clare Alexandra Carpenter, born May 20, 1975 in Bend, Oregon



Malinda Rose Joyce Carpenter, born October 13, 1982 in West Point, NY, born October 13, 1982 in West Point, NY; married Nick Taylor Sr. on May 8 2004

Their child: Ava Michele Taylor, born November 4, 2004


(5-57) Paul Jacques (Jakey) Carpenter, born June 17, 1986 in Schenectady, NY

Simeon Carpenter b. 1831


Charles Carpenter b. 1863


Lewis Carpenter b. 1905


Carol Jean Carpenter b. 1935

A Brief History of The Carpenter Family since 1300


1. John Carpenter of Leskard, Cornwall, England b. prior to 1300? lawyer of Norman descent, member of Parliament in 1323 his son


2. Richard Carpenter born in 1335 in London, a goldsmith married Christina

his children


3. John (the Elder) Carpenter * (born c. 1365?) *John (The elder) Carpenter's children were:

    1. John Carpenter, Bishop of Worchester

    2. Margery Carpenter

Robert Carpenter

John (Junior) Carpenter, Town Clerk of London


4. John (Junior) Carpenter, (born c.1400?) inherited property from his uncle John Junior, and in his will gave monies and rare books to Guildhall of London, which became the foundation of the Carpenter Free School at it's inception in 1837.

His children:

5. William (of Homme) Carpenter born 1440, died 1520

His children were:

James Carpenter (ancestor of the Duke of Tryconnel)

Richard Carpenter, Vicar of Ramsbury

6. William Carpenter born c. 1470?, William married Agnes of Godalm, owner of extensive herds of sheep near Stonehenge in Wiltshire

Their son:


7. Robert (of Eskydmore) Carpenter born c. 1500, died 1545 married Elizabeth Spencer

Their son:

8. William (of Marden) Carpenter born c.1525, died 1587 married Elizabeth Osgood

Their son:

9. Robert (of Marden) Carpenter born. c. 1550, died1607 married cousin Eleanor Carpenter

Their son:

10. William (of Horwell or Whorewill) Carpenter born 1576, married Mary Batt, came to America on the Bevis in 1638, but he then returned to England the same year.

Their children:


James Carpenter, who inherited the family estate

Alexander Carpenter, a dissenter who fled to Holland

11. William (of Rehoboth) Carpenter born 1605 in England, married Abigail Bennett, daughter of William Bennett.

They came to America with his father in 1638 (aged 33) and settled in Weymouth, Mass. until 1643, when they moved to Rehoboth, Mass

Their children:


John Carpenter born 1628 in England

married Hannah Hope Smith

12. William Carpenter * born 1631 in England

Joseph Carpenter born 1633 in England

married Margaret Sutton

Hannah Carpenter born 1637 in England

married Joseph Carpenter, her cousin

Abiah Carpenter born 1642 in Massachussetts

married Mary Readaway

Abigail Carpenter born 1642 in Massachussetts

married John Titus

Samuel Carpenter born 1646 in Massachussetts

married Sarah Readaway

12. *William Carpenter was deacon of the Church at Rehoboth, and a surveyor. He married Priscilla Bennett on October 5, 1651. William died January 26, 1703 in Rehoboth, Massachussetts.

Their four children were:


John Carpenter, born Oct. 19, 1652 in Rehoboth

married Rebecca Readaway

William Carpenter, born June 20, 1659 in Rehoboth

married Elizabeth Robinson

Priscilla Carpenter, born July 24, 1661 in Rehoboth

married Richard Swett

Benjamin Carpenter, born Oct. 20, 1663 in Rehoboth

married Hannah Stang

Priscilla died giving birth to Benjamin on October 20, 1663.

William then married on Feb. 10, 1664 to Miriam Searles

Their ten children were:


Joseph Carpenter, born Dec. 18, 1664 in Rehoboth

marreid Elizabeth Reid

Nathaniel Carpenter, born May, 12, 1667 in Rehoboth,

married Rachel Cooper

Daniel Carpenter, born Oct. 7, 1669 in Rehoboth

married Bethiah Bliss

13. Noah Carpenter, born Mar. 28, 1672 in Rehoboth

married Sarah Johnson

Miriam Carpenter, born 1674 in Rehoboth

married Jonathan Bliss

Obediah Carpenter, born 1677 in Rehoboth

married Deliverance Preston

Ephraim Carpenter, born 1681 died 1682 in Rehoboth

Ephraim Carpenter, born 1683 in Rehoboth

married Hannah Reid

Hannah Carpenter, born 1684 in Rehoboth

married Jonathan Chaffee

Abigail Carpenter, born 1687 in Rehoboth, Mass. married Daniel Perrin

13. Noah Carpenter and Sarah Johnson were married Dec. 3, 1700

their twelve children were:


Noah Carpenter, born 1701 in Rehoboth

married Perses Follett

Miriam Carpenter, born 1702 in Rehoboth

marriedAndrew Carpenter

Sarah Carpenter, born 1704 in Rehoboth

married Isaac Follett

Stephen Carpenter, born 1706 in Rehoboth

married Dorothy Whitaker

Asa Carpenter, born 1707 in Rehoboth

Mary Carpenter, born 1709 in Rehoboth

married John Alversen

Margaret Carpenter, born 1712 in Rehoboth

married Benjamin Rodgersen

Simeon Carpenter, born 1713 in Rehoboth

Isaac Carpenter, born 1714 in Rehoboth

married Altheus Titus

Simon Carpenter, born 1716 in Rehoboth

married Sarah Sawyer

Martha Carpenter, born 1719 in Rehoboth

14. Elisha Carpenter, born Aug. 28, 1721 in Rehoboth

married Anna Whitaker on March 15, 1744.

Amy Carpenter, born 1723 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Sarah died in 1726, and Noah married Ruth Follett Talbot on May 22, 1727. They had one child:


Priscilla Carpenter, born 1728 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Ruth died prior to 1745, and Noah married Tabithy Bishop. They had no children, and Noah died April 1756.


14. Elisha Carpenter and his wife Anna had eleven children:


Elisha Carpenter, born 1745

married Anna Freeman

Daniel Carpenter, born 1747 in Rehoboth, Mass.

married Chloe Leathbridge

Zachariah Carpenter, born 1748, died 1752

Isaiah Carpenter, born 1750, died 1752

John Carpenter, born 1752, died 1752

Lydia Carpenter, born 1753 in Rehoboth, Mass.

married Levi Fuller

Mollie Carpenter, born 1755 in Rehoboth, Mass.

married Gedulthan Fuller

Reuben Carpenter, born 1757 in Rehoboth, Mass.

married Sally Miller

Simeon Carpenter, born 1759 in Rehoboth, Mass.

married Sally Beachad

Anna Carpenter, born 1760, died 1761


15. Seth Carpenter, born 1762 in Sutton, Mass.

15. Seth served as Justice of the Peace, farmer and combmaker, and served in the Continental Army for 3 years, and married Bridget Prime of Paris, Maine on Feb. 29, 1785

their ten children were:

Nathaniel Carpenter, born Dec. 18, 1786, died 1809

Nathan Carpenter, born 1788 in Paris, Maine.

married Susan Proctor

Joshua Carpenter, born 1790 in Paris, Maine.

married Susan Heald

Walter Carpenter, born 1792 in Paris, Maine.

married Nancy Brainard

16. John Carpenter, born 1793 in Paris, Maine.

married Joannah Ford

Dennis Carpenter, born 1796 in Paris, Maine.

Polly Carpenter, born 1798 in Paris, Maine

Anna Carpenter, born 1800 in Paris, Maine.

Reuben Carpenter, born 1802 in Paris, Maine.

James Carpenter, born 1804 in Paris, Maine.

Bridget took her life September 8, 1805, and Seth married Miranda Proctor, May 15, 1806.

Their four children were:


Polly Carpenter, born 1808

Olivia Carpenter, born 1810

Julia Carpenter, born 1811

Miranda Carpenter, born 1813

Miranda Proctor Carpenter died Aug. 11, 1813, and Seth married Sarah Swett on Sept. 20, 1814.

Their three children were:

Mary Carpenter, born 1815.

Amanda Carpenter, born 1816.

Seth Carpenter, born 1818.

Seth died in Paris, Maine November 29, 1819.


16. John Carpenter, a farmer, married on July 14, 1815 to Joannah Ford, born 1795 in Sumner, Maine. They were the second family to settle in newly established Patten, Maine, arriving prior to 1838. Their family consisted of:

Rives Carpenter, born 1813

John Carpenter Jr. born 1816

married Phebe

Gates Carpenter, born 1817

Albion Carpenter, born 1822

married Lydia, born 1823

Seth Carpenter, born 1826

married Authelia

Clinton Carpenter, born 1827, died 1913

married Margaret Main

Joan Carpenter, born 1829

married William Mitchell


17. Simeon Carpenter, born October 5, 1831, died 1923

married Emeline A. Scribner

Washington Carpenter, born 1835,

Lafayette Carpenter, born 1848, (probably a grandchild)

Joannah died December 7, 1867 in Patten, Maine


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John Carpenter


Richard Carpenter b. 1335


John Carpenter b. 1365


John Carpenter b. 1400


William Carpenter b. 1440


William Carpenter b. 1470


Robert Carpenter b. 1500


William Carpenter b. 1525


Robert od Marden b. 1550


William Carpenter of Horewell b. 1576


William Carpenter of Rehoboth b. 1605


William Carpenter b. 1631 (UK)


Noah Carpenter b. 1672 (US)


Elisha Carpenter b.1721


Seth Carpenter b. 1762


John Carpenter b. 1793


Simeon Carpenter b. 1831


Charles Carpenter b. 1863


Lewis Carpenter b. 1905


Carol Jean Carpenter b. 1935



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