• In the past ten years,

    as a way to exercise my creative energies in a different direction, I started making collages. I had amassed a huge stack of handmade papers, using cotton, linen and natural recycled fibers such as straw and leaves. I also had left-overs from many digital printing projects, where the edges that had been trimmed off were sitting there screaming for attention.


    These collages represent two collections, one is actual glued papers, thus collage, and the second are "digital" collages, using the layers in Photoshop to overlap and interact a variety of imagery. These digital images came out of a massive project investigating the imagery of ancient written materials, from papyrus and parchment to ancient record on clay.


  • Since 2005 I have created textile artwork, using the form of quilt to make contemporary compositions from discarded fabric fragments. I love making something with texture, color and design, all from little pieces of fabric leftovers from clothing I've worn, or items used in daily life around the house.


    I resonate with the idea of the "fabric of our lives" reappearing in this artwork and the way the process requires cutting and sewing back together to create a completely new visual wonder.


    My art quilts,
    are displayed


  • Since 2017 or so, I have begun working in a totally new medium: glass. I mostly use ancient windows and glass, and cast-off or used stained glass fragments that are given or found and headed to the trash. I love rescuing these windows and the glass and creating beautiful artwork from them, a completely new life for these precious materials.

    To see my recent art in
    mosaic stained glass click here.





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