Geoffrey Isley has been designing since the dawn of "desktop publishing" and computer-driven graphic design. With his liberal arts education in fine art and design, he is able to translate your unique branding or communication needs into fresh, creative, and affordable designs both in print and on-line.

For the past 22 years,

I have been working with many clients, from small nonprofits and churches to larger businesses to create unique communications materials. I enjoy the collaboration process of working with the editors and writers who have the big ideas, and finding a visual way to present the information and encourage responses from the various constituencies. What follows is a small sampling of the thousands of jobs I've worked on over the years. They fall in the following general categories:

•  Print publications, such as newsletters, magazines, invitations, and postcards

•  Web sites and digital design

•  Custom Tee shirt graphics for silkscreening

•  Signage and Displays, for trade shows and convention arenas

Print Design

is how I got started, and it's still my bread and butter. I love the way we can work together to tell your unique story to your audience or readers. I design whole magazines, newsletters, and lots and lots of direct mail. I work on special event invitations, including the special envelopes and reply cards.


I also have re-designed newsletters and letterhead to give your organization the fresh look you need. Sometimes it's a fresh new color palette, or a slight change to the fonts you have been using. Many times the missing link to a really excellent publication is the photography, so be prepared to spend a little more on either a good photographer (maybe me?) or some affordable professional stock photos.


Some of these publications featured in the slide show are ones I have worked on for many years for satisfied clients who have come to rely on my as part of their marketing or  communications team to help them meet their quarterly deadlines, and even win some awards for excellence in publication design!


I also work with several local printers to help get you the best price for the job. I can work with your printer, but if you haven't competitively quoted out your publications recently, you're probably paying too much.

Internet Design

has become more and more important in the past decade. Once viewed as a novelty or only for the wealthy, now if you don't have a internet presence you are completely missing out. From simple and basic web design to complex mobile-phone and smart-phone compatible communications solutions, we need to talk about how my skills can best help you in your situation.


Call me and we'll talk. I come to web design from DESIGN background. I am not a developer or programmer. I am more interested in the overall impression you are leaving your web visitors than all the fancy code or bells and whistles operating "under the hood."


I have created sites form the ground up, and redesigned sites. I can bring specialty coding expertise in when required, or work with your in-house tech people.

Identity Design

Logo development is a type of design I really enjoy. It requires the client to communicate deeply about their institution, organization or business with clarity and vision.


Generally, the process involves a few weeks of back-and-forth with the first batch of ideas being a wide variety of possible approaches to the logo.  Each successive batch hones closer in on the ideas that strike a chord with the client.


Some logos are completely new for startups, and sometimes they are an event logo for a special anniversary or fund-raising event. My slide show on this page features some of both types.


Logo development often is the first step in an institutional identity program, or branding effort. Most times, the very first project using the new logo is a stationery package, including letterhead, envelopes and business cards.


I have been designing logos for over 25 years, both in my institutional work, and as a freelancer, so I'm confident we can work together to find just the right visual representation of your company or organization's core identity.

Custom Silkscreening

T-shirt designs are a lot of fun. It involves silkscreening, which is a completely different process for printing than traditional printing press with ink and paper. I enjoy working with a colored fabric backing to the imprint, and incorporating the shirt itself into the design.


I've been designing tees since 1984, while working at Messiah College, where it seemed there was a team t-shirt to go with almost every big publicity function; Homecoming, Welcome Weekend, Summer Orientation were just a few events where each person involved was given a t-shirt to wear during the event, so hundreds and hundreds of tees all over campus... it was fun.


Usually, designs for tees take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the complexity, plus about 2-3 weeks for the actual printing process. So, please plan ahead! Shirts in all the various sizes need to be ordered and delivered, the screens produced -- one for each color of ink on the design -- and then the shirts need to be printed by hand, one color at a time, one shirt at a time.


If you are ordering dozens of shirts, the set-up and design cost can easily be averaged into the final price to make shirts affordable as a handout OR for sale with room for your mark-up for your event or fund-raiser. If you only need a very few shirts, the final price may seem inflated per piece due to these set-up charges.

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